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Author Topic: Rage War version from 24-07-2017 - Release notes  (Read 736 times)

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Rage War version from 24-07-2017 - Release notes
« on: July 24, 2017, 05:16:20 PM »
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  • Hello Time travelers,
    Today Rage War was restarted!
    Everyone who was active the last 3 months can log in with its existing credentials.
    Every existing player will start with 200 gems as a bonus.  Additionally, we give all gems bought in the previous round, but there is a limit – 50 000. This means if you bought 1000 gems, you will have them again, but if you had 100 000, you will have only 50 000.

    Here are the game changes you need to consider:
    • Changes in storage for workers and wealth:
      • Production building does not give storage anymore.
      • Storage is given by The Castle. Each level of the castle from the Science Tree will increase its capacity.
      • Here are the storages:

    • We have changed Kingdom affair “Holy artifact”, after activation the affair will reflect not only attacker rating but the defender as well. So if the attacker wins for example 30 rating, the same amount of rating will be subtracted from the defender as well.
    • The amount of discovery points that can be donated to your wonder is changed drastically. Now it depends on Kingdom Efficiency skill and the loyalty of the owner of the wonder. Maximum % is 25. You will have to donate the rest of the point by yourself.
      • There are changes in donators’ rewards as well – there are no rewards in science point, only in blueprints. The rewards are:

    • All defense prices are increased.
    • The battle phase of El Dorado event is now harder. We added levels for the unique defensive towers and the chance for overall higher units’ levels is increased.
    • Leagues
      • The current season will end on the 30th August – for the moment ignore the info in the game.
      • There is another misleading information in the league ranking - because of the game restart, no one has received rewards for top 3 if the last season.
      • We will fix this information as soon as possible.
    Last, but not least. With the new round, a new rule will become active. It’s strictly prohibited to play with more than one account, multi accounting will be considered as a violation of Rage War terms and conditions and every player, who don’t follow them will be banned without any warning.
    Game Designer at Fury Studio, Ragewar Team