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Author Topic: Rage War version from 13-03-2017 - Release notes  (Read 961 times)

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Rage War version from 13-03-2017 - Release notes
« on: March 10, 2017, 04:01:07 PM »
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  • Hello, kings and queens! The new version of Rage War is almost here and here is what we have prepared for you:

    • From now on, Last Target will be active for 6 hours.
    • We added levels for units in the campaign. All existing camps and forts won't have levels, but all created after the update will have.

    • To make your lives easier we added the unit's healing point on its info pop-up.

    • Fixed bug with the scroller of the army pool in the preparation room.

    • There was a bug with the "Hangings Gardens" Wonder - its bonus that added extra life to the defense structures was giving a different bonus to the different towers. We fixed it.
    • Fixed bug with the culture bonus given by Mother Goddess and Taj Mahal.

    • There was a bug with the player`s avatars in the Kingdom chat. Fixed.

    • We fixed a couple minor bugs in menu/submenu "Trade”.  Now you can accept offers without scrolling after a trade.

    • Players profiles are now opening correctly from Wonder Donators list.

    • El Dorado's axe timer is now working correctly.
    • The reward in time shards for events was decreased. This change will also affect active events.

    • From now on the first 3 times when you leave/delete a kingdom won`t be punished with a 72 hours cooldown before you can join/create a new kingdom. As this is a new rule it will also apply for existing users no meter how many times, they have changed kingdoms in the past.
    • We added a new option in the Kingdom: now you can set an automatic approval for all applications. When this option is active, every player who applies for membership will be automatically approved, if there are free posts in the kingdom. This option is ON by default when creating a kingdom.

    From now on in every city can appear an obstacle - various rocks and trees!

    • The obstacles can appear only on an unlocked part of the city, where nothing is built. If you don't have free space an obstacle won't appear.
    • Your goal is to clear those obstacles. Where there is an obstacle you cannot build anything.
    • Clearing obstacles take different time, respectively you will receive different prizes.
      • The small obstacles require less time for cleaning and give smaller rewards
      • The bigger obstacles require more time for cleaning and give bigger rewards.
    • The time needed for cleaning an obstacle and the awards that it gives, depend on your current Era.

    Don't miss your chance to clear the obstacles as they can give you Gold, Workers, and Gems. You can clean only one obstacle at a time.

    An obstacle can appear once every 12 hours. Don't forget to login into the game regularly and to see if there is an obstacle in your city!

    From now on your city can be visited by travelers, who want to make your journey in time easier!

    • Each traveler will ask you a question. If you answer correctly, you will get a reward and the traveler will continue his journey.
    • Each city can shelter up to 5 travelers. If there are less than 5, a new traveler can appear once every 4 hours.
    • If you don't answer correctly, the traveler will stay with you and patiently wait for a correct answer.
    • After every wrong answer, there is cooldown before you can answer the same question again.
    • If you answer correctly the travelers will give you gold, workers, and even gems!

    May your knowledge win resources for your city!
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