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Author Topic: Rage War version from 20-12-2016 - Release notes  (Read 1290 times)

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Rage War version from 20-12-2016 - Release notes
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:57:03 PM »
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  • Greetings, warlords, Snow Whites and Christmas elves!
    In the eve of the prehistoric steam-punk Christmas, we give you our present, the 1.0.29 update of Rage War where you will find the following epic improvements and new features:

    At last! The ElDorado event will repay gladly!

    The Temporal Academy is at your disposal where you can upgrade your units and defense structures increasing their life and damage. The academy is accesible in the Time machine.
    There are four sub-screens in the Temporal Academy:


    On this screen you can exchange your time shards that you acquire in the time machine events for special chests. Every chest has coins, which you can use to upgrade your units. There are 4 types of chests and every chest contains random amount of coins. Of course - the higher the price for a chest in time shards, the more and better coins it contains.
    There are 3 types of coins – copper, silver and gold. Every unit and defense structure has its own copper coin, for example Huntress, Turtle, Birdie, etc. Every unit type has its own silver coin, for example Common, Armored, Building, etc. Gold coins are universal and are used for higher level upgrades for all units


    In the Coin Exchange you can upgrade coins to a higher tier coin. You can upgrade copper coins to silver and silver coins to gold. On the left side you choose the coin you want to get and on the right side you choose the coins you will invest. You always need 10 coins to produce a higher tier one. Silver coins require copper coins of the same type, for example a common silver coin requires clubman, huntress, swordsman and archer coins.


    This is the bread and butter of the Temporal Academy! Here you can upgrade your units and defense structures. Every unit or structure requires coins, workers and wealth to be upgraded. All units and structures have 10 upgrade levels and every next level is more expensive. Upgrades improve the damage and health points of the units, but also increase the healing costs.


    Daily offers include four offers each day – a Common Chest, available for workers and gold, which is a onetime offer. Next comes the Magic Chest, which is available for gems for a special price, also a onetime offer. Daily offers also include two different offers for coins – one for workers and gold, and one for gems. The price of coins increases with each coin bought for the day. The next day offers are renewed. Don’t miss out on them, they are totally worth it!


    All units in Tactics and in the preparation screen before launching the battle show their level of upgrades with a roman number. When a unit does not have a roman number means that it is 0 level and has no upgrades.


    On every screen where you can see a unit or defensive structure, its level will be displayed.


    Some units have their stats altered, since they were underused or too powerful. Unit upgrades also helped in that regard. Here are the changes:
    Tiger Rider – Life from 120 to 150
    Swordsman – Damage from 50 to 80
    Marauder – Damage from 70 to 60
    Gyrocopter – Life from 150 to 200
    Knight – Life from 300 to 500
    Wall – Population from 1 to 2

    The starting healing capacity is changed to 400 and every castle level gives +40 more.

    Healing points regeneration is changed to 12/1min., instead of 1/1min.

    Healing packages in inventory are changed to:
    200 points
    400 points
    600 points
    1200 points

    The healing points requirement for each unit has changed to the following:
    Clubman – 10
    Huntress – 10
    Tiger Rider – 20
    Turtle – 40
    Swordsman – 30
    Warbaloon – 30
    Marauder – 40
    Ballista – 50
    Birdie – 25
    Catapult – 50
    Archer – 20
    Gyrocopter – 40
    Knight – 55
    Dirigible - 60


    When you visit the city of another player from your kingdom, you may now click on the cleaning icons, which eases the process of cleaning significantly.

    The Last Target in the social menu is now available for 60 minutes, instead of 30.


    Changed the logic of placing units when you are planning an attack. The game now automatically places the units in front of the enemy castle.


    Rituals are now available in the City Overview with a button, placed in the bottom right of the screen.

    Holy Cities in the campaign no longer open the rituals, but they will show the reward you have collected from that city. Free rituals from the campaign are removed, but daily quests still grant a free ritual.
    Also – the rewards from rituals have been reworked. Now you can also collect time shards from rituals.
    Since they were a bit expensive, ritual price have been greatly reduced – from 100 to 25 gems. Ritual price will no longer reduce with consecutive rolls.


    Changed the science points requirement for the economy quest from 10 to 12 points.
    Changed the requirement for healing points usage. Requirements change according to the player era as follows:
    I era – 600 points
    II era – 900 points
    III era – 1200 points
    IV era – 1500 points
    V era – 1800 points


    City buildings and defenses no longer require healing points to be restored. Instead, they can be repaired with workers and gold. The “Heal all” button now will heal your units and repair your buildings and structures for healing points, workers and gold.


    The Sphinx and the Seven-headed-snake have their bonuses changed, since it increases the healing points capacity. The changes are as follows:
    Level 1 – 50 points
    Level 2 – 100 points
    Level 3 – 150 points
    Level 4 – 200 points
    Level 5 – 250 points
    Level 6 – 300 points
    Level 7 – 350 points
    Level 8 – 400 points
    Level 9 – 450 points
    Level 10 – 500 points

    Last, but not least – we added the Christmas feeling to the game. You can find it in your city, growing around the Time Machine and the game menus. We wanted to bring some joy to the Holiday. We hope you’ll like it :)

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