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Author Topic: Ragewar version from 13-04-2016 - Release notes  (Read 988 times)

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Ragewar version from 13-04-2016 - Release notes
« on: April 06, 2016, 10:14:30 AM »
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  • Version 1.0.9

      You can now see a healing bar over damaged buildings.

      Bug with overlapping units in defence and offence is now fixed.
      If you don’t have enough free population, you can’t place a unit on the battle field.
      New animations for wonder Taj Mahal and culture building Clock tower.

      You can now buy science points and expansions with gold. How does it work?
    The price for every science point depends on the player’s current era. The price will increase with every point purchased and will reset at midnight (server time, or 3 AM EET time). No matter how many points you buy with gold, the price for points in gems will stay the same as now.

    The price for every expansion will increase with next purchase. The price in gold will not reset. The price for expansions with gems will not be affected by how many expansions you buy with gold.

      2 science points package in inventory was removed.
      After the end of kingdom affair “Scientific progress” you can claim the remaining unclaimed points (maximum 5 as now). If new affair is started you will lose unclaimed points forever.

    Now, when levelling wonders, there is a screen with information about current level and bonuses you get from it.

    When you find a blueprint by cleaning the buildings of your friends, neighbours or kingdom mates now you will see a screen with information what blueprint you found.

    All traps in the game now have new, updated info popup.

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    както не разбирам поезията така и теб

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    Това е само за пред хората ... админките по начало не са от Земята.

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