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Author Topic: Ragewar version from 18-02-2016 - Release notes  (Read 711 times)

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Ragewar version from 18-02-2016 - Release notes
« on: February 18, 2016, 04:55:28 PM »
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  • Here are the latest changes and fixes for Ragewar

    Collect all button now have nice and smooth animation.
    Confirmation message when selling a building now warns players what they can loose if their storages are full.

    Science tree
    Science tree now scrolls correctly when opened.
    Castle upgrades now shows correct increasing of army limit in both offense (+5) and defense (+8).

    Kingdom affairs now have awesome animations when they are active.
    Added a new message for player who wants to join a kingdom while he has a pending request for a previous kingdom.

    City prices in campaign updates properly depending on the provinces a player has from the same region.

    Player avatar is now shown correctly in messages

    We made a major change with creating an offer in the Market. The players now can create 3 offers for free and every next offer will cost 2 science points

    Minor improvement for android devices has been made

    After destroying a castle (which is considered as a Total victory) of another player will send the attacker back to the same preparation room. This means that the attacker can make maximum 3 total victories over another player.
    Players that attacks their neighbourood can change easely their targets.

    We optimized different parts of the game which will increase its performance.

    Have fun and may time be on your side... always! <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
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