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Author Topic: Rage War version from 22-01-2018 - Release notes  (Read 818 times)

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Rage War version from 22-01-2018 - Release notes
« on: January 22, 2018, 12:41:53 PM »
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  • With the new version of the game, the blueprint transmute is finally available.
    This feature will grant you the options to invest spare blueprints for the ones you need.
    After choosing the needed blueprint, you will have to invest other blueprints and try to transmute them.
    An invested blueprint from the same wonder as the needed blueprint will grant you 27% chance for successful transmutation.
    An invested blueprint from any other wonder will increase the chance with 9%.
    You can try and transmute the invested blueprints at any time, but keep in mind that if the chance is not 100%, the transmutation can fail, and you will get nothing.
    Beware, no matter whether the transmutation is successful or not, the invested blueprints will be lost.

    We also managed to fix some minor issues:
    • In the Web version, sounds will now stop immediately after turning them off, and will not require a restart.
    • When in a promo, items will not require you to have the full price in gems available to be purchased at discount.
    • Some visual issues in the campaign were fixed.
    Happy gaming!
    Game Designer at Fury Studio, Ragewar Team