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Author Topic: GET READY! OPEN BETA RELEASE - 16-03-2016  (Read 1036 times)

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« on: March 15, 2016, 10:18:44 AM »
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  • Greetings, travellers in time!

    We are very grateful that you took part in the Closed Beta of Ragewar! Thanks to your testing and feedback we managed to find a lot of bugs, to improve the player experience and balance Ragewar even better. Expect one more stable version, with improved economy and battles. Major changes in the game:

    - Improved performance on mobile device
    - Better and more dinamic battles (most of the units are totaly rebalanced with changes on their statistics and priority targets)
    - Improved game economy (optimized prices of buildings, units and sciences, larger building storages)
    - Campaign changes that will fit better your playstyle

    With the official start of the open beta on 16.03.2016, we will make the following things:
    - Server adjustments and restart
    The game will not be accessible on March 16 after 11:00ET and we will make everything possible to launch the official version of Ragewar the same day. Please, stay tuned with our Facebook page

    New accounts
    You will no longer have access to your accounts from the closed beta and you have to make them again. Don't forget to confirm your e-mails to get your very special decoration reward

    Bonus Gems
    Everyone who bought Gems in the Closed Beta will receive double amount of the same purchases.
    *Please, use the same e-mails to easy the Gems transfer!

    We are waiting to see you back in Ragewar!
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