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Author Topic: Upcoming changes in leagues  (Read 626 times)

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Upcoming changes in leagues
« on: August 18, 2017, 12:50:09 PM »
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  • Hi, all. Next week we are planning finally to introduce the long prolonged changes in the leagues.
    Here it is some more information about them:
    • The same as now, all new players will start with a 400 rating. They are outside any leagues and will be matched only among them selfs.
    • Reaching 700 rating all players will enter the first division of the first league. Once in a league, no player can be demoted beyond Bronze I.
      • Concerning all players that previously were in a league and are now demoted - they will be automatically added to the first division with their current rating.
    • Because of this changes, there are now new rating ranges of the divisions. At the end of this message, there is a new table with leagues' statistics.
    • The minimum rating a player can have is 100.
    • The rating won/lost on total victory will depend not only on the difference of the ratings of the two players but also on the difference of their divisions. If the gap is significant, it is possible the attacker won't win any rating, and the defender won't loose any.
    • The bonus loot from the league will also be dependent on the difference of ratings and the divisions of the two players. The given numbers for each league will be base amounts. There will be won if the players are with equal ratings. If the gap is significant it is possible there to be no bonus loot.
    • The standard loot will also be affected by ratings and divisions. Again if the gap is significant it is possible to be no loot at all.

    In the beginning of next week, all changes will be added in the game, without a game update and visually some of the changes will not be there. For example:
    • When you find a target to attack, in available loot, the bonus loot from leagues will show the old reward, but at the end of the battle will be given the new one.
    • In leagues ranking will be shown the old bonus loot.

    By the end of the week, we will also update all platforms and this visual mismatches will be fixed.
    The new update won't be mandatory and the game won't force you to update. When we are ready with all platform we will notify you by an in-game message, so anyone who wants can update the game.

    Game Designer at Fury Studio, Ragewar Team