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Author Topic: Rage War version from 14-06-2017 - Release notes  (Read 788 times)

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Rage War version from 14-06-2017 - Release notes
« on: June 14, 2017, 01:53:01 PM »
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  • A new version of Ragewar is here.

    This time our main focus was on the stability of the game, but there are also some small features.
    • We redesigned the kingdom part of the social menu and added a new option for random cleaning from the menu.
      Now there is no need to visit another player just for a cleaning.

    • On all screens where you can see your goods – in the castle and in trade menu, we added a marker for any good whose building you have in your city.
      There is also an indicator for the goods that are produced with a bonus from the campaign.

    • If a kingdom skill, wonder, or units are maxed out, there is a new informative screen stating the max level.

    • Now there is an animation when you are promoted or demoted to another, league or division.
      The promotion animation will be shown on the victory screen, after a Total Victory and the demotion animation will be played, if you have a pulsing league icon on your profile picture in your city and you tap on it.

    • We have changed the warning pop-up for selling a wonder.
      Now it shows an image of the wonder. That way we hope there will be no unintentional selling of wonders.

    We also fixed some major problems with the game.
    • We fixed the bug, with searching for an opponent, now it should work properly.
    • There was a problem with the event log – in some cases it was not loading or the game crashes.
    • The game used to crash in some cases in the research tree.
    • The bonuses of newly placed units were not showing.
    • There were some issues with rearranging armies – we fixed most of them.
    • We also worked on some other small issues and optimizations.

    Not related to the new version – at the beginning of the new leagues’ season we added rewords for the top 3 players.
    We introduced them with a Facebook message, but never mentioned them in the forum.
    The rewords are:
    1st place – 6000 time shards and 1100 crystals
    2nd place – 6000 time shards
    3rd place – 3000 time shards
    Game Designer at Fury Studio, Ragewar Team