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Author Topic: Rage War version from 12-05-2017 - Release notes  (Read 998 times)

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Rage War version from 12-05-2017 - Release notes
« on: May 11, 2017, 04:45:13 PM »
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  • Hello, travelers in time! RageWar update is forthcoming, here's what you can expect in the new version:

    A new tournament based ranking

    • The Rankings and the Rating system will be completely changed.
      Now you can win/lose rating only after Total Victory/Defeat. There won’t be Economics Rankings anymore.

    • The Military Rankings is replaced with two new rankings, completely connected to an entirely new game element – the Leagues.

      This is a monthly tournament that starts at the beginning of every month and ends on the last day of the same month. There will be an exception only with the first season which will start with the launch of the new version and will end on May 31st.

    • During the tournament, all players will be distributed in Leagues and Divisions. Each league will be divided into 3 subgroups called Divisions. The highest league will have no divisions and the players will fight for the highest rating.

    • Each player will be matched for a battle within his Division. If there aren`t at least 5 players with whom he can be matched, the range will be widened one Division above and below his. This will continue until there are at least 5 opponents.

    • In the end of every season, the rating of the players who couldn`t reach the highest League will be saved. After they participate in another battle they will be classified for the same League and Division as in the previous season. This will give them the chance to fight for a higher division.

    • The first season will start with only 4 leagues. The highest league – Platinum will have only one division and no sealing for the range (despite the information in the table below).
      This is required because at the moment there are too few players with height enough rating to fill the last leagues.
      In the beginning of the season, all ratings higher than the starting rating for the Platinum league will be equaled to it (2300).

    • The current ratings will be saved and the period from the beginning of the game until now will be considered as a zero season. The ratings of all players from the zero season will be kept as their personal best score until now.

    • With the next seasons we will gradually introduce the other leagues. The new highest league will always have the same rules – it will have only one division and with the start of each new season, the ratings of the players in it will be equal to its starting rating.

    • Being classified in a League will give additional loot bonus (in gold and workers) that players will receive for every Total Victory.

      The bonus depends from the League and the Division. At the end of this article, you will find a table with more info about the Leagues, Divisions and their rating.

    • After we release the Leagues when you open Rankings Menu you will see the ranking of the players in your division, the top 100 players ranking and the Kingdoms Ranking.

      In the top 100 players ranking you will see the scores from the previous season as well.

    • In each player`s profile, you can see his current League, his score from the previous season and his best score.

      There you can also see the player`s “badges”. The badges are showing in how much seasons he has participated and the League in which he finished the season. If the player has finished more than one season in the same League, the number near its badge will indicate how many badges of this type he owns.

    Other changes in this version
    • The time to clear obstacles no longer depends on the era. Now they will be cleaned for 5, 10 or 15 seconds depending on their size.
    • We’ve changed the rewards for donation in wonders. On some levels, the amount of science point a donator will receive is increased.
    • In some cases, when trying to find an opponent, the game freezes. This problem is now fixed.
    • We’ve fixed the bug with changing a wealth package.

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