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Author Topic: Rage War version from 16-02-2017 - Release notes  (Read 1999 times)

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Rage War version from 16-02-2017 - Release notes
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:37:04 PM »
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  • Greetings kings and queens and all of you thirsty for adventures!
    The new version is showing on the horizon and here is a list with all new fancy stuff in it:

    We changed the construction of the buildings.Now the building that you are currently constructing is not automatically selected. This option is available only in the earlier stages of the game when the Advisor is tellijg you that you can finish the construction in advance.

    Fixed a bug, which prevented the showing of the Health Poitns bar of Castles from 4th Age during attack.

    The timer showing the full healing points now is working properly, after upgrading two royal skills.

    We added confirmation pop-up, when you try to heal your units using button "heal pool"


    We added the healing capacity of your army in the visiting a taget screen before you prepare to attack it

    The button "Find me" was shown before a category has been chosen

    We added the button "Upgrade" in the units information pop-up, which leads you to the respective page in the temporal academy. When you close this window, the game returns you to the previous screen.

    Unit's range is now shown properly.

    We made a smarter way to place units. Try it on your next targets! :)

    We added an animation that is shown during Skills levelling up

    When you click the axe icon, the game will automatically clean one random tile

    We changed the following in the ElDorado event:
    1.Axes collection: every player can collect 1 axe per 5 minutes.
    1.1 Free axes - the default capacity is 3 axes per player
    1.2 Increasing the capacity of the axes you gather:
    - for a price of 50 gems you can increase the capacity of gathered axes from 3 to 9 per event.
    - The max capacity that can be collected is 9 axes and is paid in gems.
    - When the player uses an axe, he will win another axe until his current limit of axes is reached.
    - The capacity can be changed once per event
    2. Help from your teammates
    - the other players from your kingdom can help you more than once per event. This depends on their loyalty and the level of the Kingdom Affair "Social Skill" (same principle as the cleaning)

    We removed requirement for science points when building a wonder. Now you need only blueprints and goods.

    Every wonder shows in a new better way its current and next level bonus

    Here are listed the changes for some of the wonders:

    Mother Goddess
    1.   Cultural bonus is increased
    2.   Bonus damage for army in offense

    Liberty Statue
    1.   Bonus limit for army in offense – new bonus
    2.   Decrease building time

    1.   Faster regeneration of healing points – new bonus
    2.   Hideout – increase its capacity with every level – new bonus

    Menu screen of the Hideout

    Taj Mahal
    1.   Cultural bonus is increased
    2.   Bonus damage of defense structures

    Terracotta Army
    1.   Bonus limit for army in offense – new bonus
    2.   Decrease building time

    1.   Bonus percentage to culture
    2.   Bonus limit for army in defense – new bonus
    3.   Bonus life for army in offense
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