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Author Topic: RageWar version from 30-11-2016 - Release notes  (Read 990 times)

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RageWar version from 30-11-2016 - Release notes
« on: November 28, 2016, 04:51:13 PM »
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  • Hello, Time Travellers!
    In the new Rage War version you can see the following changes:


    •   We included a new counter for produced resource in the gold and workers buildings. There's a new button in the middle of the screen, which allows you to take the produced resource before production is finished.

    •   Collecting resources is now done with a click and drag motion. If you move through the other resource icons while dragging, they will also be collected. It works the same way on mobile device. Single clicks will still collect resource. Dragging while not on a resource icon will move tha camera and dragging while on a resource icon will swipe and collect from other buildings.
    •   The produced resource icon now has 4 stages, which show how much of the resource is produced. The light green area shows how many quarters of the production have been finished and the dark green area shows how many quarters of production still need to be finished.

    •   Healing buildings now shows the exact number of healing points used upon every building. The numbers are shown the same way as collecting resources - the number appears for a short time and fades away.
    •   As players requested, we are currently working on the change of healing logic. Buildings will be repaired with workers and wealth from the next game version. We are still working on that change. Defense structures will also use workers and wealth instead of healing points.

    •   All quest tooltips can now be closed with "Esc" button.
    •   The first quest for attacking another player has a "show me" option. It suggests for the player to open the Social Menu and find a new target for attacking.
    •   The quest, which requires use of gems to fill your storage now has a reward of 60 instead of 30 gems.

    •   Added a welcome message for all new players.
    •   When you try to send a message to a player through his profile, you can now close the message with the "Esc" button.
    •   Added Event Log to Messages menu. It shows the last social activities in the city - polished buildings, donated points to Wonders and accepted trades. Every line of the log has the option to visit the particular player, in case you want to return the favor :)

    •   Pop-up windows can now be closed with the "Esc" button. That way you don't have to wait until the end of every animation and you can stop and close it before it's finished.
    •   Offense (+5) and Defense (+14) limit of the Castle is now correctly shown in the Science Tree. The change to the limit is applied in the previous version, but in this version it is visualized properly.

    •   Fixed a bug with the last chunk of forest in El Dorado. After you clean the forest for another player, you will no longer have the instant attack option with attack unavailable.

    •   The unit info pop-up can no be closed with the "Esc" button.

    •   Holy Cities now properly show the correct bonuses they provide, when you take them. Every Holy City grants a bonus production to goods and added population to attack (+10) and defense (+15).

    •   When you donate science points to kingdom members, now you see a new pop-up window, which shows the daily donation limit and also allows you to choose how many science points you can donate at once.

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