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Author Topic: Rage War version from 27-01-2017 - Release notes  (Read 1018 times)

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Rage War version from 27-01-2017 - Release notes
« on: January 23, 2017, 11:22:22 PM »
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  • Hello, friends in time! The new version of RageWar is on the horizon and in it we have prepared a lot of new things and significant changes to existing ones. Here's what you can find in a brand new version 1.0.30:

    Since much of the royal affairs were not used as much as we wanted to, we changed most of them. The changes are as follows:

    Holy artifact - While the affair is active, you will receive bonus rating points x1.5 of successful battles against other players

    Royal visit - while active the affair gives bonus damage to your units in attack and defense.

    Royal Ball - While active, the affair will produce extra healing points with a capacity of 500. The affair is based on the same principle as scientific progress. You have to collect the extra healing points from the kingdom menu. Even if your current healing points are at maximum, the ones collected from the affair will be added over the standard capacity.

    Knights’ Tournament – the affair will increase the chance to win a blueprint from 3% to 9% from both cleaning and battles (total victory)

    We introduced 2 new Kingdom skills:

    Healing points’ capacity – the skill will permanently increase your healing points’ capacity with 50 point for each level or total of 550 at its maximum level.

    Healing restoring skill – this skill will speed up the rate of restoring of healing point. Each level gives you an additional 1 point per minute to a maximum of 12 at its maximum level.

    Tactics and Battels
    The level of upgrade of the wall will show only in the info screen but not on the battle field.
    In the units info screen the damage is shown in a new way. There is a drop down menu with detail information about different damages against all units’ types.

    We added a new option, which will allow you to heal your units in the army pool without the need to place them on the battle field. The previous options to heal single or all units placed on the terrain will not be changed.

    While in battle there will be a pause button that will allow you to observe the behavior of the units easily.

    The trap hedgewall is replaced with quicksand. Besides the visual changes the following stat are also affected:
    • Army point – 6
    • Damage is increased to 3

    We also changed the statistics of the following traps:
    • Tar pit:
      • Army points – decreased to 3
      • Damage – increased to 2
    • Smoke field
      • Damage – increased to 3, and now affects air units.
    • Fire trap - we found a bug with this trap - because of its special effect every 0.1 seconds its damage was added to it self causing exponential
      growth. That's why this trap was killing almost every unit in the game. Since the fix the trap became to week so we increased it damage
      • Damage – increased to 10

    * We fixed the issue with the stamina of the war balloon. The bar is now visible while attacking defense structures and buildings.

    A conformation screen is added when trying to change bonus good in a city.

    * We added a warning screen when purchasing a daily offer with crystals.
    * We added names on different types of coins.

    *We added a requirement for workers in the price of territories.

    * The machine is locked until you possess first Holy city in the campaign.

    * We've change the amount of culture given by two buildings in 5th era:
    Fair - now it gives 5000 culture
    Small park - now it gives 234 culture

    * Fixed bug where could not clean the top tile of trees in ElDorado.
    * Now you can also click on the resource icon of a building to collect it. This will also fix the problem of collecting resources from buildings behind castles in 4th and 5th Era.
    * Fixed a bug with the display of prices of goods everywhere in the game, because they were not displayed correctly on some screens.
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